What We Offer?

Discover Sunrange Pack complete sets of cosmetic packaging for your foundation, lotions, serums, moisturizers, and toners. Exquisite packaging effectively preserves quality, enhances portability, and increases the usability of your luxury facial items. We also provide customizable decoration, metalization, spray painting, silk screen printing, mold color injection, and soft-touch, for the unique brand experience. No interested one? Browse our other selections, airless, bottles, jars, refillable packaging, and stick foundations, to find the perfect packaging solution for your cosmetic needs!


Why Sunrage Pack?

Sunrange Pack is dedicated to offering eco-conscious packaging solutions, including post-consumer recycled materials, ocean-bound plastics, mono-material, and refillable designs. Private molds are another pride in customer service, ranging from hand sketching, technical drawing, and 3D previews to samples. Let’s promote your unique brand and cosmetics/skincare with environmental responsibility and bespoke design!

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SYW-8 Series
SWH-181 Series
SWH-56 Series
SWH-15 Series
SWH-144 Series
STR Series
SJY-220A/306A Series
SJY-157/131 MONO Series
SJY-139/1071/165 Series