Refillable MONO PET / PET PCR Lipstick

Since "Sustainability" has become a crucial goal and world trend of packaging, we also devoted ourselves to innovating the green packaging series to our goals for the earth's environmental protection. 

The most significant advantage of this lipstick is the MONO material (PET) for all components, furthermore, it also can be PCR PET. 

Thus, this series of packaging maximize the definition of 3R – Recycle, Reduce & Reuse.

Here is the specification of the MONO PET lipstick:
SGL-109 / 206 / 302 (Refillable)
Ratio: 80/20
Fill Mode: TOP
Fill Capacity: 4.5g
Shell Material: PET/PET PCR
Base Material: PET/PET PCR
Cap Material: PET/PET PCR
Inner Cup Size: 12.7/12.1mm

Please contact Sunrange Pack Team for more information.