Inorganic degradable material - PMU

PMU is an inorganic and degradable innovative sustainable material for replacing the plastic on packaging production. The main ingredient of PMU is Calcium Carbonate but not Petroleum base like plastic. Therefore, it is more eco-friendly for the packaging options. 

1. Energy saving and carbon reduction: Only use 55%-75% PMU to replace petroleum base energy, the carbon emission of PMU is only 1.435kg per 1kg MU material, reduce 70%-75% carbon emission.
2. Burnable: No toxic and harmful gas emissions and passed the SGS test, the residual microparticles after incineration are tested and the content is about 0.3-0.5/10000, which is far less than 1/10000. 
3. Antibacterial: The antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli reaches 84%, relying on the characteristics of the material to naturally antibacterial.
4. Natural Degradation:  it can decompose naturally in soil and ocean (779 days), not like PLA that is degradable only in the specific conditions and environments.